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Flavoured Green Tea
Flavored green tea provides distinct healthy and delicious flavors. These are made up of healthy bioactive combinations that help cure various diseases. In addition to fat burning, it also improves brain functioning and reduces wooziness. 
Ready To Cook Items
Ready to Cook Items are food items in which only the ingredients are semi-cooked. These include all the constituents in the package. These help to make instant food dishes with the use of negligible ingredients. The steps are needed to follow to prepare the desired dish. 
CTC Tea is a black tea well known for its diverse health benefits. It has refreshing aroma and energizing taste. The tea is very popular especially in winters for its strong flavor and keeps the body hydrated.
Spices Powder
Spices powders are widely used in commercial and domestic kitchens for food coloring and additives. Further, these powders contain several medicinal features. These are widely demanded for its high-quality aroma and taste. The primary purpose of these is to make the food delightful. 

Raw Spices
Raw spices are high nutritional value spices commonly utilized in wide-ranging food industries. These are entirely natural raw substances with varied health benefits. In addition to food processing units, these spices are significantly used in medical industries. 

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